Creative Juices

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creativity and the fickle faucet from which it flows.

Stephen King has a great quote and I’m sure I’m paraphrasing “Talent isn’t special… it’s wasted every day… it’s as cheap as table salt. (no I don’t just Google it up… I write what’s in my head)

For those that know me long term, you’re well aware of my proclivity for all things creative. For those that don’t know;

I draw – more traditional sketch & digital art than paint or sculpture, but I’ll dive into pretty much any media going.

I’m a cartoonist – branch off from artwork, but an extension of my sense of humor and twisted world view. If you’re cartoon is going to be funny or relevant, it better have a great message or joke. As a great cartoonist once said, great humor will carry weak drawing… week humor can’t be carried by great artwork. You can sample my stuff over at (gotta love free websites… wink wink, know what I mean wordpress!)

I’m a musician – Mostly rhythm guitar and the odd lead riff. I putter around on piano and would like to throw more time at it.

I’m a singer – I sing in pretty much any venue afforded me… kitchen parties, work events, karaoke, and paid to do it in bars. Along with drawing probably the one thing I’ve done the longest in my life.

I write – though I don’t know why I don’t feel bold enough to call myself a writer. I’ve written poems, short stories and about 50 odd original songs… oh and the odd blog post obviously.

I perform – I’ve played live both solo and with multiple bands. I’ve always been the lead singer and where I could I played some guitar and if solo performing it would be an acoustic set. I met my wife when she came out to one of my solo shows.


Now I apologize if that came off sounding douchey or a laundry list of bragging rights…. but here’s where I take the wind out of my own sales.

Am I still all those things if I rarely if ever do them now?

I brought out my guitar out about a month ago… played on the couch for about 3 hours… before that I hadn’t touched it in 6 months.

3 months ago I sat down with a sketch pad and did 3 drawings and some marker coloring as I hadn’t touched a pencil to pad in so long I felt guilty… the last time I’d drawn something prior had been at least a year.

Bands were a heady mix for me. I was able to sing, play guitar… write songs and perform. I’ve performed to sold out rooms and in excess of 1,500 people (not stadium great… but pretty darn good) … I haven’t performed for a crowd in at least 8 years (I know because my daughter is 8)

I love drawing… it’s probably my greatest passion along with making people laugh… my cartoon “Mixed Views” was a marriage of those worlds and afforded me the opportunity to mix both my art with my sense of humor. Being published in the local university paper was nice. Making it to the Fredericton “Daily Gleaner” and  Saint John’s “Telegraph Journal” … amazing… contacted for the Democrat & Chronical in New York… unbelievable. I have doodled out a couple ideas… but I haven’t posted a new cartoon anywhere in years… probably as long it’s been since I’ve performed.

So am I still all those things… work, family, evening tv…rinse lather repeat. We… all of us… not just myself, we need to renew soul and indulge in whatever it is, that makes us… us.

Otherwise we are nothing but procrastination… so much wasted table salt.

I think I need to toss a little over my shoulder.

That’s my Penny times 2.



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